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Hello From the Future of EV Charging!

Welcome to ChargeBay, founded by young and ambitious students from the University of South Florida. Our company was born out of a shared passion for sustainability and a desire to create a more accessible and convenient way for electric vehicle owners to charge their cars.


Product Development @ ChargeBay

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Powering the Future of EVs, One Charge at a Time!"

Our team at ChargeBay embodies diverse backgrounds and extensive experience in modern entrepreneurship. With a blend of expertise from various industries, we've conducted thorough field studies to grasp the nuances of EV charging pain points. As dedicated hustlers, we're committed to crafting innovative solutions that cater to the needs of electric vehicle owners, ensuring seamless charging experiences for all.


Head Of Operations @ ChargeBay

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Our Story

We understand that the transition to electric vehicles is still in its early stages and that the availability of charging infrastructure is a significant barrier for many. That's why we created our platform, allowing EV owners to connect with hosts willing to share their home or business charging stations.

Our founders come from diverse backgrounds, but we share a common goal of creating a cleaner and more sustainable future. With backgrounds in engineering, business, and environmental studies, we bring a unique perspective to the EV industry and are constantly striving to improve our platform and user experience.

We believe that our company has the potential to make a significant impact on the environment by promoting the adoption of electric vehicles and reducing carbon emissions. By facilitating the sharing of charging stations, we are making EV ownership more accessible and affordable for everyone.

Let's Connect

We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities. 

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